“Walk with You”
Post Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Program 

  • Is a 12-week education and exercise program created by Amelia Chan, an experienced lymphoedema physiotherapist who also has the qualification of pelvic floor rehabilitation 
  • Designed to allow early detection of lymphoedema post breast cancer treatment and retrain the shoulder complex to work efficiently to avoid shoulder pathologies associated with muscle dysfunction
  • Suitable for any patients who is about to embark on their breast cancer treatment journey (especially for those who will have lymph nodes removed)
  • Suitable for patients who require radiotherapy for their breast cancer treatment
  • Suitable for patients who will embark on breast reconstruction surgeries post breast cancer treatments.  
  • Recommended to have an L-dex measurement taken pre surgery if possible (Please contact me before surgery so I can schedule an appointment for you preoperatively).  An L-dex is a measurement which helps us to detect the extracellular fluid level in your affected arm.    It will be beneficial to have your baseline taken before your breast surgery as this will help us to pick up early signs of lymphoedema more accurately post surgery.  But we also understand if this is not possible for every patient.  
  • We will then meet at 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months post surgery again to measure your L-dex again.  
  • You will be invited to take part in a weekly guided exercise program to improve shoulder function, lymphatic function, core and pelvic floor muscle function post surgery. 
  • Education of preventing and managing risks of lymphoedema is a big part of the program.  
  • In the first year, regular individual appointments will be scheduled to assess your shoulder function and lymphoedema index.  Manual lymphatic drainage and soft tissue or scar therapy may be required during your rehabilitation journey.  Medical compression garments may be prescribed by your therapist if needed.
  • At the end of the program, formulation of individualised management plan for the first 5 years will be discussed.